Sunday, March 2, 2014

7 Red Carpet-Ready Manicures

Looking at the Oscar nominees for Best Picture this year, I realized I've actually seen most of them, which is rare for me. Usually, I just root for the one or two films I actually recognize, but this year I'm torn. Too many good ones!

So, I did what any sensible movie-lover would do: I turned to nail polish.
Here are 7 easy nail designs to help us decide who should take that little gold man home. Pick your favorite movies -- and manis -- below.

Shade: Oscar
(gold color with glitter finish)
Cost: $$$
Inspired by: American Hustle, starring Amy Adams & Jennifer Lawrence

Shades: Big Apple Red & Be-Claus I Said So
(fire engine red color with glossy finish & red glitter with clear finish)
Cost: $$

Inspired by: Her, starring Scarlett Johansson & Amy Adams

Shades: Dark Matter & White Matter, Champagne Wishes & First Class
(jet black & snow white colors with glossy finish, white & black floral decals)
Cost: $$$$ & $

Inspired by: Blue Jasmine, starring Cate Blanchett

Shades: Ignite the Night & Matte About You
(pewter & black color with glitter finish, clear color with matte finish)

Cost: $$

Inspired by: Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock

Shade: HRH
(royal purple color with metallic finish)
Cost: $$$

Inspired by: Philomena, starring Dame Judy Dench

Shade: Velvet Burgundy
(mulberry color with velvet textured finish)

Cost: $$
Inspired by: Dallas Buyers Club, starring Jennifer Garner

Shades: Smoke and Ashes & Graffiti Glitter
(forest green color with shimmer finish, emerald green with glitter finish)
Cost: $$

Inspired by: The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Margot Robbie

I think I've got to go with American Hustle. Gold glitter and Oscar are like peanut butter and chocolate -- a perfect match!

Find out who really wins when the 86th Annual Academy Awards airs tonight on ABC at 7pm ET/4pm PT.


  1. I was voting for Gravity, but looking at you nails, it's Blue Jasmine all the way. Cute idea, Jen!

  2. No little gold men for "American Hustle". I guess nail polish really isn't the best way to tell a good movie, who knew???????

  3. Lots of great ideas here, thanks for posting :)