Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to My Medicine Cabinet

Ever been tempted to look in someone's medicine cabinet when using their bathroom? 

Well, this is mine. 

You'll notice there isn't any medicine here.  Just rows and rows of nail polish.  Look at those beauties!  From Essie to OPI and Sephora to Sally Hansen, the girls are all here.

Clearly, I never get manicures or pedicures.  I like to handle my own business.

Years ago, I went to a local beauty supply store near my hometown in Pine Brook, NJ.  I spent over a hundred bucks on polish.  Crazy, right?  It amounted to about a dozen bottles.  The girl who rang up my order had one, completely non-sarcastic question for me:

“Where is your salon located?”

Um, yeah.  I don't have a salon.

Hello.  My name is Jen.  And I’m addicted to nail polish.

It's true, Jersey Girls love their nails.  I never feel “done” without them.  A peek inside my medicine cabinet makes me happy.  Pretty colors, easy to switch, based on my mood.

Now, just because I’m from Jersey and I like my nails doesn’t mean I’m down with the fakes.  I just say no to stick-on, press-on, glue-on, artificial nails of all kinds.  Just like my boobs, lips, and lashes -- my nails are always au naturel (assuming you agree blue nails exist in the realm of natural).

Anyway, I figured I must have at least 52 bottles -- one for every week of the year -- so I started this blog to share each shade with you.



  1. Great blog Jen! I want to come over and get my nails done. Do you take appointments? ;)

  2. wow :)
    cool idea how did you get the name?

  3. Do yu really own all of these polishes or do you borrow from friends?

  4. Do your polishes go bad after a while?

  5. I <3 UR BLOG