Sunday, March 31, 2013

Butter London in Macbeth

Shade: Macbeth
(pinky red color, neon finish)

Cost: $$$

The Scoop:
I had a tough time deciding if this shade was red or pink.  Three people I asked said pink, but since Lady Macbeth was trying to wash blood, not watermelon, off her hands, I went with red.  Still, it's an odd one.  And very transparent -- I had to use 4 coats.  Plus it peels off pretty easily, even with a topcoat.  Overall, a disappointment.  I expected better from Butter.

Next Week's Shade: Sally Hansen in Gunmetal


  1. I would call this Pink. It is pretty but also too expensive for me.

  2. Looks like coral to me!

  3. Too bad it did not last, colour is divine.